How to solve Riddles

Riddles can help sharpen the mind and open up new thought process. Riddles can help simplify thinking, provide better memory retention and improve thinking abilities. Even challenging riddles can be solved if you use a few simple techniques

Learning how riddles work

Know the basic types of riddles- there are two types of riddles enigma and conundrums.

Enigmas are posted as problems using metaphorical that require creativity and experience to answer

Conundrums are posted as question that incorporate puns in the question and answer both

Understand the rules of riddles- Most riddles deal with familiar topics. Their difficulty comes in how those topics are described. Riddles use familiar ideas to figuratively express the answer.

Know that riddle may try to trick you- Seemingly logical associations may really be misdirection.

Red herring are a common form of misdirection through association like a green man lives in the green house and blue man lives In the blue house then who lives  in the white house? The immediate answer would be a white man but the president of the Unites states lives in the white house

Sharpens skills

Solve puzzles daily- Solving puzzles requires you to combine what you know with the new information. Puzzles help you learn to recognize patters and order. It increases the memory of the person and increases the concentration. Some puzzles helps to look at a situation in multiple ways to figure out the best solution.

Alternate riddles regularly- The more you repeat a certain type of task, the less effort your brain needs to expend to perform it.

Try reading and then summarizing complex- For example, you could read a complex news story and then write a short summary that boils down all the ideas into a few key ideas. It will improve your memory skills.

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