Central Valley is a low lying area of land in the central part of the state of California. Also called Great Valley or simply The Valley, it is a large piece of land covering an area of nearly 18000 square miles. Sacramento, Fresno, Redding, and Stockton are some of the major cities lying in the Central Valley region of California. Agriculture is the backbone of the economy of this region with more than 230 crops being grown in Central Valley. California has a higher than national average cost of living. But Central Valley is a good place to live because of its lower cost of living. This is good news for anyone who is a Central Valley home seeker.


Life in Central Valley is slow moving because of farming being the chief occupation of the people living here. Though job opportunities are far and few in between, many new housing projects are underway to provide affordable housing to those who are looking to buy their homes in this area.


Central Valley is an area that has been bestowed with great natural beauty. It is a place to be explored as it has an amazing diversity in terms of flora and fauna. It also has some excellent National Parks. Median home prices in Cnetral Valley are lesser than they are in the rest of California. This is a big relief for all those who are Central Valley home seeker.


If you can bear the hot weather in summers and dense tule fog in the winters, Central Valley can be a very good place to live in. You have to live far away from the oceans but you can compensate it with biking and driving. People in Central Valley are friendly and you get the freshest farm produce if you find a home near a farm.