IMPATTO Fiat campaign if you been paying attention to the television and Internet then you probably have seen many of these advertisements going around. They really are putting the full-court press on marketing this product. It is their attempt to make a strong entry into the American market once again. In Europe these cars are very popular but in America they just haven’t been able to find their steam. But experts all agree that this is probably the right model of car that will really take the American public by storms. It will be that one European car that represent what Americans are looking for.

One thing that they are doing and that marketing is focusing on a much younger demographic. They paying attention to that urbanite, that person who is up on everything modern and hip. They really are taking the same model of advertisement that Ducati did but the scrambler. If you paid attention to the Ducati scrambler then you realize that the focus on presenting that as more of a lifestyle vehicle than just something that is mechanical. They wanted turning it into an aspirational product, something that when a person gets that they become something more. People don’t we just want a Fiat or a Ducati they want to be the kind of person who owns one.

So pay attention to this line of car and realize that it’s going to hit the American market like a storm. Realize what the IMPATTO Fiat campaign is attempting to do by creating this into a lifestyle product. It will likely have a typical level of success as the Ducati scrambler had. These modern renditions of vehicles marketed at a new demographic and trying to get them into the sport. One being a motorcycle and one being a car but both serving the same purpose.