Finding the perfect monitor can be difficult. Given the vast amount of options to choose from, knowing which one to select can be a tough decision. Below, we will go over some of the main things you should be considering when it comes to finding the best 1440p monitors.

Finding The Best 1440p Monitors:

  1. What Are You Going To Be Using It For?

The biggest thing you want to figure out is what you are planning on using the monitor for. Your usage will dictate what kind of monitor you should be looking out for. For instance, if you are planning on gaming on the new monitor, you will likely prefer something that has a good response time and possibly one that can get up to 144hz. Whereas, if you are mainly going to be using the monitor for working applications, you will likely not care as much for a low response time and instead, you might be looking for a monitor that looks sleek and one that has a great color reproduction. Figuring out what you are planning on using the monitor for is a primary thing you will want to do in order to really narrow down your options.


  1. Budget.

Another factor that will need to be considered is your budget. Your budget will play a big factor in determining which monitor you should be purchasing because it can immediately eliminate some of the options on the market. If you are going for a low tier or a basic 1440p monitor, you will likely have a lot of options available to you at all budget ranges. However, if you are looking for specific feature sets such as G-Sync, Freesync, and a high refresh rate as you might be looking for in a gaming monitor, you will likely need to spend much more money than you might like.