Miralax is a drug used for treating the intestinal blockage. This kind of drug plays crucial role in dealing with the problems of bowel obstruction. People who are facing the disorders such as anorexia, bulimia etc are suggested to take doctors advice before consuming this drug. If we are facing the problem of severe stomach pain, Nausea or vomiting, kidney problem etc due to any kind of drug. In the case of allergy due to any kind of drug we need to consult our doctor fast. Within 2-3 days the bowl movement can be produced by the proper consume of medication. People are keen to know does miralax works for constipation and the answer is yes its work. This drug is really the pain relieving drug and it works for solving the problem of constipation. Patients are not suggested to take this drug more than once in a day. Patients are required to consult the doctor in case of not getting relief by taking the proper medicos of 7 days continuously.

This drug is the laxative solution works in increasing the intensity of water in our intestine so that our bowl movements get stimulated. Problem of the constipation is faced by many people due to less consumption of water. This drug is used to deal with this problem.

Works of Miralax

People want to know how does miralax works on different age groups. So the answer is ready and its works can be defined according to the dosage decided by the doctors regarding to age of infant to old. Maximum dosage 17 g per day decided for the children more than 6 months. Children who are more than age of 3 years will consume 1.5 g 3 days regularly. Adults are suggested to take 17g of this drug diluted with any liquid such as water, soda or coffee etc.

How should you consume Miralax?

This drug can be consumed according to the prescription of doctor or taken by reading the instructions given on the label. Never take the dosages of medicine more or less take it properly as recommendation provided to you. Before using this drug measure the drug by the medicine cup provided on the bottle. Dosage marks are mentioned inside of the cup. Powder should be powered in to hot liquids as well as cold liquids such as soda, juices, tea, coffee, water etc