Oracle, the giant tech company, is making strong efforts to beat Amazon in the field of providing cloud based services. In an interview to USA Today, Visit revealed his strategy to send warning bells ringing for its rivals Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon. He said that these companies may make tall claims about their cloud based services but Oracle knows where it stands in this field.


Changing needs in changing times

Oracle under Mark Hurd is today a 183 billion dollar company which made lots of money during the decades of 90s and 2000s by striking lucrative deals with big companies for providing database services. However, in the last 5-6 years, it has been cloud based services that has been a rage. This is a field where other tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft made rapid strides and overtook old warhorse like Oracle. Cloud offered more flexibility to clients and also cost them lesser than what it cost them to maintain databases. These companies could also do without yearly contracts for software management that formed the backbone of Oracle’s business worldwide.


Company has recovered its lost ground

Oracle was left with no other choice but to jump on to the bandwagon of cloud based services. Larry Ellison, the Executive Chairman and co founder of Oracle, allowed the company to pump money for acquisitions of other small cloud companies to take on the might of giants like Amazon and IBM. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd believes that success for the company in this field ultimately depends on deep pockets and also on corporate relationships that have been grown and nurtured for such a long time. Hurd has worked hard in this field for some time and he is confident that the latest cloud moves made by Oracle will definitely beat Amazon in its own backyard.