Things are moving at a brisk pace in the world of electronic payment processing. More and more card companies and banks are issuing smart cards called EMV cards to their customers these days. These cards contain information in integrated circuits in addition to the magnetic strips that are there in ordinary debit and credit cards. Payment processing for customers having these smart cards requires installation of EMV card reader at the end of the establishment of the business owner.


There are many companies providing their smart card readers to merchants having accounts with them. Goemerchant is one of the most popular and also highly reliable among these companies. The EMV card reader provided by Goemerchant to its clients is high quality and quickly reads the information contained in the chip to allow financial transactions.


More secure and efficient than traditional cards

For those who do not know, EMV is an acronym that stands for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa. It is considered as technology standard in the world of electronic payment processing in present times. EMV cards are also referred to as chip and PIN cards or chip and signature cards depending upon the kind of authentication required by them before financial transaction gets completed. These cards are believed by industry to be the most secure cards as they can only be read by EMV card readers. It takes the latest technology to make a reader that is able to read the content inside the computer chips fitted in these EMV cards.


Goemerchant is one payment processing service that encompasses all modern and latest payment methods. These include NFC, mobile devices, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, iPad POS, and of course payments accepted through EMV card readers. You never have to worry about refusing a customer who offers to make payment using his EMV card once you make Goemerchant your payment processing partner.