It can be a harrowing experience for you to get up one morning and see water trickling down from the roof of one of the rooms of your house. You can do troubleshooting to find out the source of leakage but your firefighting should be limited to these preliminary actions only. If you do not find any problem inside the toilet, the next step is to check the line moving from the meter into your house. Believe me, it is great if you can get down to the source of leakage before the plumber turns up on your call. Toronto plumbers are efficient in solving the problem of a leakage inside a home but they can charge you a lot of money by pretending that they had to work hard in identifying the source of leakage.


In most homes, there is a shut off valve that cuts off water supply to all the rooms. You must turn this valve off to make sure water supply to your home is cut off. Now go to the meter and look at the dial. If water supply has been cut off temporarily, the meter should be stationary. But if it is still running, it means that water is still flowing in the pipes. Sometimes, dirt and dust gets deposited over the dial to hide the glass from your view. Remove this dirt using a damp cloth to see the dial and the reading. If you get down to the source of leakage, you can turn off water supply in that portion of the house to make sure more water does not seep down the roof.


Remember water leakage looks a small problem but it can have serious consequences for the structure of your house. Make sure you hire the services of trained and experienced Toronto plumbers to resolve the problem of leakage.